Terry Stupar, PhD

Medical Physicist
“I’ve worked with David since 1984 in both Summit Medical Physics and other radiation therapy support programs (MDS Nordion, Varian BrachyTherapy, Mobile Technology Inc. and Alliance Imaging). He developed the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve amazing success in radioactive materials licensing for these entities and our clients throughout the state. With David responsible for licensing matters, I was able to devote my full attention to medical physics, and I am happy to recommend him to you without hesitation or qualification.”

Georg Weidlich, PhD

Medical Physicist
“I enjoyed the professionalism and efficiency with which you helped us prepare the Radioactive Materials license application. I highly recommend you without reservations.”

Denise Lambert, MS

Medical Physicist
“David has done an outstanding job with our license application. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and thorough. He has kept us informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend David for any licensing needs.”


Steven Kurtzman, MD

Radiation Oncologist
“David has been invaluable in managing my complex radioactive materials license. He has taken care of my initial licensing applications for multiple facilities and also managed all subsequent maintenance issues. He has made my practice run incredibly smoothly and I’m grateful for all his service.”

Harvey Gilbert, MD

Radiation Oncologist
“David Gill has been very helpful, professional and proactive in securing operating licenses with the State of California Radiation Safety Department for both Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine procedures and equipment. We highly recommend him and his services.”

Ahbinand Peddada, MD

Radiation Oncologist
“… you did the licensing for Fresno and that went very smoothly …”


Shea Lansberry, MPA, RN

Surgery Center Administrator
“David is a stress-free facilitator when it comes to initial RAM licensing at the Surgery Center level, we could not have done it without his help!”

Mike Ryan, BS, CNMT, AART(R)

Nuclear Medicine Supervisor

“To The Overwhelmed Practitioner:Our daily task is to provide quality Nuclear Medicine Services and our burden is to adhere to the regulations of radioactive material possession and usage. Our profession is poorly understood by the public and is seen as a hazardous occupation that can threaten the social order if not performed safely. Compliance with the state regulations is comforting to the public and other health professionals. Mr. Gill guided our institution through a labyrinth of requirements to allow us to provide Brachytherapy service. His knowledge of the California State Radiologic Health Branch inner workings allowed us to be ready for operation in a matter of a few weeks. I am pleased to offer my recommendation to use Mr. Gill for the preparation, renewal, and modification of the Radioactive Materials License.

Thank you.”

Karen Downey, BS, CMM

Radiation Oncology Practice Manager

“We were having difficulties with licensing modification delay issues and engaged David Gill to assist in our efforts. He was able to expedite the process at an extremely fast pace and were very pleased with the outcome. He is an expert in getting the task at hand completed in a timely manner and without all the red tape we’ve encountered in the past. We were EXTREMELY pleased with David’s expertise and would use him again in a heartbeat. Our medical director, Robert Lum, M.D., was very pleased with the outcome of David’s efforts.I highly recommend his services. ”

Pamela Lindersmith, RTT

Radiation Oncology Manager
“I have known David for over 20 years.  He is experienced and knowledgeable.  He knows how to work through the state licensing process and provides expert advice and support.”


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