About us

Doing business as RAM Licensing Services, I am dedicated to obtaining excellent radioactive materials licensing results in the shortest time frame possible and with minimal inconvenience to my clients.

I began working with radioactive materials licensing in 1984 while managing the practices of Terry Stupar, PhD (Summit Medical Physics) and Jeff Demanes, MD (California Endocurietherapy). In 1993, I created the licensing submission package for Mobile Technology Inc.’s mobile brachytherapy program, and in 1995, I created the licensing submission package for source2site’s transportable brachytherapy program. Both programs were the first of their kind in the world. These experiences led to licensing and customer service work with MTI, Alliance Imaging, MDS Nordion, Varian BrachyTherapy and a wide assortment of clients.

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Based in Northern California, I can serve clients in all Agreement States and NRC regions without coming on site to their facilities. That would only be necessary for major license renewals or program reviews or inspection assistance. Otherwise, all my work is done via phone, email, scans, fax, etc.

David Gill, Principal

I’ve spent over 40 years in healthcare administration and management, with most of my professional life spent in the field of radiation therapy services. I’ve managed my own businesses and the businesses of others, and I now provide management, consulting and special project services to local and remote clients. Using my degrees in journalism, my time in law school and my experience in the business world, I apply the communications and reasoning skills I have developed to the situations I encounter to produce the best results for my clients.

What clients say

Current and former clients are pleased with my work, citing my professionalism, efficiency, thoroughness and comprehensive knowledge of the radioactive materials licensing process. Whether they’re physicists, medical practitioners, or facility/department administrators, they have expressed pleasure in working with me because of the reliable and complete results I deliver. Please read what they have to say. Thank you.
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Email: david@ramlicensing.com