Radioactive materials licensing need not be a stressful chore anymore.

Let RAM Licensing Services handle your new applications, renewals, amendments, inspection preparations and program analysis, so you can focus on what you need to do, and do best.

radioactive materials licensing

Complete licensing services

I’ll help ensure your facility is properly and continually compliant with its radioactive materials licensing requirements. Besides new applications, renewals and changes to your existing license need correct and timely handling as well. If you prepare your own application/renewal documents, I can audit them prior to submission. And if you ever need to undergo a formal inspection or review, I will prepare you thoroughly for it.

Why RAM Licensing Services?

Radioactive materials licensing is exacting, time-consuming and often extremely confusing, and mistakes cost time and money. Physicists, medical professionals, and facility administrators alike may not have the time for this, or they may simply find the bureaucratic process of licensing too frustrating. I have over 35 years of licensing experience working for facilities large and small in both Agreement States and USNRC regions.

What clients say

Current and former clients are pleased with my work, citing my professionalism, efficiency, thoroughness and comprehensive knowledge of the radioactive materials licensing process. Whether they’re physicists, medical practitioners, or facility/department administrators, they have expressed pleasure in working with me because of the reliable and complete results I deliver. Please read what they have to say. Thank you.